A punchy look and feel for the internet’s busiest tech watercooler.

With a growing audience amid a rapidly evolving tech landscape, MakeUseOf was struggling to keep up. Their brand and digital presence required an overhaul to ensure their position as a leader in the world of tech news, and nurture their growth through accessible, user-friendly UX.

We worked closely with MakeUseOf’s senior leadership team, collaborating on a vision for a bold new look, feel and identity. With a familiar name and brand, our approach involved increased impact and the pursuit of a fun shorthand logo solution. We were able to create a sharp and effective look for MakeUseOf that is well-suited to the dynamic nature of their content, applications and channels.

MakeUseOf had some substantial requests: device-agnostic content, a balanced integration of ads, sponsored content, multiple article layout templates, and customizable grid options for core pages. The final product delivered all of these features, encased within an intuitive, UI placing the brand at the centre of the most active technology discourse on the web.